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The Monkees Film & TV Vault Blog
Sunday, 23 October 2016
Today's MF&TVV Update
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Happy 19th, MF&TVV!

Two big anniversaries are observed tomorrow.

First off, it's the 50th Anniversary of the initial NBC-TV "color-cast" of The Featured Monkees Episode Of The Week, No. 7, “The Monkees In A Ghost Town” (prod. #4704, aired on NBC October 24, 1966 and July 17, 1967).

Second, it marks a good 19 years to the day this very Monkees Film & TV Vault debuted on The World Wide Web, a full 31 years to the day “The Monkees In A Ghost Town” debuted on NBC! As usual, a big thanks in advance to all your support and loyalty which had helped this site go and grow thru the years.

Can't believe it's almost 20, already! Where did the time go??

Posted by monkeesfilmtv at 9:46 AM EDT

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