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It's A Nice Place To Visit... (a.k.a. "The Monkees In Mexico," 12-18-67)
Repeat of Episode No. 33 from 9-11-67.
Sponsor This Week: Kellogg’s™
Commercials This Week: Kellogg's Corn Flakes (:30), Black Label Aftershave by Yardley (:45), Slicker Dolly Kits by Yardley (:15),
The Monkees for Kellogg's Rice Kirispies (:30)

Preempted 1-1-68 by Orange Bowl
(Tennessee Versus Oklahoma)

Hillbilly Honeymoon (a.k.a. “Double Barrel Shotgun Wedding,” 3-18-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 39 from 10-23-67.
Sponsor This Week: Twiggy Lashes/Eye Paint and Londonderry Hair by Yardley Of London™
Commercials This Week: Twiggy Lawson for Twiggy Lashes/Eye Paint by Yardley (:30)/Jimmy Durante for Kellogg's Corn Flakes (:30)/Kellogg's Pop Tarts (:30)/Slicker Lip Polish by Yardley (:30)/Oh! De London by Yardley (:30)/Jean Shrimpton for Londonderry Hair by Yardley (:30)

The Picture Frame (a.k.a. “The Bank Robbery,” 4-1-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 34 from 9-18-67.
Sponsor This Week: Yardley Of London™

Everywhere A Sheik Sheik (4-8-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 35 from 9-25-67.
Sponsor This Week: Kellogg’s™

Monkee Mayor (4-15-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 36 from 10-2-67.
Sponsor This Week: Yardley Of London™

Art For Monkee's Sake (4-22-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 37 from 10-9-67.
Note: on the day that this telecast went to air, The Monkees’ fifth (and final Top 10) album, The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees (Colgems #COM/COS-109), was released; it was the last original Monkees LP to be released during the original run of The Monkees TV series.
Sponsor This Week: Kellogg’s™

I Was A 99-lb. Weakling (4-29-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 38 from 10-16-67.
Sponsor This Week: Yardley Of London™
Commercials This Week: Slicker Lip Polish by Yardley (:30)/Quisp, Quake and Simon The Orange Quangeroo Cereals (1:00)/Clairol Hair Color (:30)/Psst Spray Shampoo (:30)

The Card-Carrying Red Shoes (5-6-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 41 from 11-6-67.
Sponsor This Week: Kellogg’s™.

Monkees Marooned (5-13-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 40 from 10-30-67
Sponsor This Week: Yardley Of London™.
Commercials This Week: Clairol/Slicker Lip Polish by Yardley/Crest Toothpaste

Hitting The High Seas (5-20-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 44 from 11-27-67.
Sponsor This Week: Kellogg’s™

The Monkees In Texas (5-27-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 45 from 12-4-67.
Sponsor This Week: Yardley Of London™

Preempted 6-3-68 by Baseball (Tigers Versus Red Sox)
Note: Sometime this week, Kellogg’s™ and Yardley Of London™ pulled sponsorship due to the announcement of The Monkees' not being renewed for a third season; other sponsors filled in for the remainder of the series' run. Also, on June 8, 1968, "D.W. Washburn" b/w "It's Nice To Be With You" is issued as The Monkees' 7th single (Colgems #1023); this was the last original Monkees single to be released during the original run of The Monkees TV series.

The Monkees On The Wheel (6-10-67)
Repeat of Episode No. 46 from 12-11-67.

The Monkee's Paw (6-17-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 51 from 1-29-68.
Sponsor This Week: Lilt/Cheerios/Maybelline
Commercials This Week: Lilt Home Perms (:30)/Joy Detergent (:30)/Cheerios (:30)/Bugles (:30)/Maybelline (:30)/Solarcaine (:30)

Fairy Tale (6-24-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 48 from 1-8-68.

The Monkees Race Again (a.k.a. “Leave The Driving To Us,” 7-1-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 53 from 2-12-68.
Sponsor This Week: Clairol Summer Blonde/7-Up/Fab
Commercials This Week: Clairol Summer Blonde (:30)/Ban (:30)/7-Up (1:00)/ Colgate (:30)/Fab (:30). Plus several Kellogg’s™ cereal packages during the closing credits!

The Monstrous Monkee Mash (7-8-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 50 from 1-22-68.
Sponsor This Week: Walt Disney Productions (The One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band [Buena Vista, 1968])/Ban/Hi-C
Commercials This Week: Ban (:30)/Clairol Midnight Sun (:30)/ Hi-C (1:00)

The Monkees Mind Their Manor (7-15-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 55 from 2-26-68.
Sponsor This Week: Crest/Hi-C/Clairol Summer Blonde
Commercials This Week: Crest (:30)/Downy (:30)/Hi-C (1:00)/Clairol Summer Blonde (:30)/Ban (:30)

Preempted 7-22-68 by Baseball (Phillies Versus Cardinals)

The Devil And Peter Tork (7-29-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 52 from 2-5-68.
Sponsor This Week: Procter & Gamble’s Cinch/HiC/Clairol
Commercials This Week: Procter & Gamble’s Cinch (:30)/Camay Soap (:30)/Hi-C (1:00)/Clairol Born-Blonde (:30)/Clairol Instant Condition (:30)

Preempted 8-5-68 by Republican National Convention

The Monkees In Paris (a.k.a. “The Paris Show,” 8-12-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 54 from 2-19-68.

Some Like It Lukewarm (a.k.a. “The Band Contest,” 8-19-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 56 from 3-4-68.
Sponsor This Week: Secret/Maybelline/Pizza Spins
Commercials This Week: Secret (:30)/Prell Concentrate (:30)/Maybelline (:30)/Solarcaine (:30)/Pizza Spins (:30)/Bugles (:30)

Preempted 8-26-68 by Democratic National Convention

Preempted 9-2-68 by Baseball (Cardinals Versus Reds)

The Picture Frame (a.k.a. “The Bank Robbery,” 9-9-68)
Repeat of Episode No. 34 from 9-18-67 and 4-1-68.


The Monkees' former timeslot was filled in a week later by I Dream Of Jeannie.

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