The Monkees Television Series (NBC, 1966-1968)


58 Episodes In Color On Film; 30 Minutes

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Technincal and Broadcast Info For The Monkees:

Broadcast History:

Original NBC Schedule:

NBCSeptember 12, 1966—September 9, 1968

September 1966—September 1968, NBC Monday 7:30-8:00 P.M.(EDT)

Original NBC A.C. Nielsen Ratings:


Original Sponsors:

The Kellogg Company
Yardley Cosmetics Of London

Saturday Afternoon Schedules (all EDT):

CBS Saturday AfternoonSeptember 13, 1969—September 2, 1972
ABC Saturday AfternoonSeptember 9, 1972—August 25, 1973

September 1969—September 1970, CBS Saturday Noon-12:30 P.M.
September 1970—September 1971, CBS Saturday 12:30-1:00 P.M.
September 1971—September 1972, CBS Saturday Noon-12:30 P.M.
September 1972—August 1973, ABC Saturday 1:00-1:30 P.M.

Original Saturday Afternoon Sponsors:

Kool Aid Company
Post Cereals

Syndication History:

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Syndication Debut:September 8, 1975

Exclusive Distributor:

Columbia Pictures Television 1975—1985
Colex Enterprises 1985—1989
LBS Communications 1989—1996
Columbia TriStar Television Distribution 1996—2006
Sony Pictures Television 2006—Current

Cable TV History:
(This covers regular airings only; no dates for marathons.)

MTV Various March—April 1986
Nickelodeon/Nick @ Nite Various September 1, 1986—August 28, 1988
TV Land Early Saturdays/Sundays
1:30—2:00 AM (EDT)
June 1—July 28, 2002
WWME Channel 23 (Me-TV) Various (EDT) June 5, 2006—September 24, 2010
i Network Friday 6:00—6:30 PM (EDT) September 15—December 29, 2006
WMEU-TV Channel 48 (Me-Too) Weekdays 10:00—10:30 AM (EDT) March 3—September 1, 2008
Antenna TV Saturdays/Sundays Various (CST) January 1, 2011—December 31, 2017
FamilyNet Saturdays 7:00—9:00 AM (CDT) September 6, 2014—June 25, 2017*
IFC Saturdays/Sundays (CDT) May 30, 2015—July 20, 2016
FETV--Family Entertainment Television Saturdays 9:00 AM—10:00 AM (CDT) December 9, 2017—August 28, 2021
Me-TV--Memorable Entertainment Television Sundays 4:00 PM—5:00 PM (CDT) March 3—April 26, 2019

*Effective Saturday, July 1, 2017, FamilyNet became The Cowboy Channel.

Emmy Awards For The Monkees:

1966-67 (presented June 4, 1967)

  • Winner: The Monkees Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Winner: James Frawley, "The Royal Flush" Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Comedy

1967-68 (presented May 19, 1968)

Compleet Cast & Production Credits For The Monkees:

Credits compiled from both seasons of The Monkees.

Cast Of Characters: David Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork

Produced by(1966-1967): Robert Rafelson and Bert Schneider
Producers/Executive Producers (1967-1968): Robert Rafelson & Bert Schneider
Developed by Paul Mazursky and Larry Tucker
Written by Peter Meyerson, Robert Schlitt, Treva Silverman, David Panich, Dave Evans, Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Paul Mazursky, Larry Tucker, Bernie Orenstein, Coslough Johnson, Robert Rafelson, Jack Winter, Neil Burstyn, Jon C. Andersen, Stanley Ralph Ross, Lee Sanford, Corey Upton, Stella Linden, Robert Kaufman, Elias Davis, David Pollock, Joel Kane, Stanley Z. Cherry, Micky Dolenz
Directed by James Frawley, Robert Rafelson, Bruce Kessler, Mike Elliot, Sidney Miller, Richard Nunis, James Komack, Alexander Singer, Gerald Shepard, Russell Mayberry, Jon C. Andersen, David Winters, Jerry Shepard, Peter H. Thorkelson [Peter Tork], Micky Dolenz
Script & Story Editors (1966-1967): Gerald Gardner and Dee Caruso
Associate Producers: Ward Sylvester (1966-1967), Gerald S. Shepard, Michael Burns (1967-1968)
Story Editor (1967-1968): Neil Burstyn
Music Supervision: Don Kirshner (Sept. 1966-Mar. 1967)
Background Music Composed and Conducted by: Stu Phillips, Allyn Ferguson, Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs, Hugo Montenegro
Main Title “(theme from) THE MONKEES”: Written by Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart; Produced by Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart & Jack Keller
End Title “For Pete’s Sake” (1967-1968): Written by Peter Tork & Joseph Richards; Produced by Douglas Farthing Hatlelid
Songs Written by: Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, Gerry Goffin, Carole King, David Gates, Michael Nesmith, Steve Venet, Neil Diamond, Sandy Linzer, Denny Randell, Jack Keller, Diane Hilderbrand, Hank Medress, Phillip Margo, Mitchell Margo, Jay Seigal, Roger Atkins, Neil Sedaka, Carole Bayer, Micky Dolenz, Mike Murphy (a/k/a Travis Lewis), Hank Cicalo, John Stewart, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Jeff Barry, Peter Tork, David Jones, Harry Nilsson, Chip Douglas, Bill Martin, Craig Smith, Boomer Clarke, John London, John & Bill Chadwick
Songs Produced for Records by: Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, Jack Keller, Michael Nesmith, Jeff Barry, Gerry Goffin, Carole King, Neil Sedaka, Carole Bayer, Douglas Farthing Hatlelid (later Chip Douglas), The Monkees
Directors of Photography: Irving Lippman, Richard Kline, Robert C. Tobey, A.C.E.
Camera Operator (uncredited): Ralph Gerling
Assistant Camera Operator (uncredited): Dick Glouner
Art Directors: Ross Bellah, Malcolm C. Bert, Phillip Bennett, Robert Purcell, Zolton Mueller, Robert Peterson
Film Editors: Mike Pozen, Gerald S. Shepard, George Folsey, Jr., Bob Collins, Morton Tubor, Stanley Frasen, A.C.E., Donald W. Starling, Lee Gilbert, Robert Crawford, Keith Olson, Bernard A. Balmuth
Set Decorators: Fred Price, Jack Ahern, Sidney Clifford, Louis Diage, Alfred E. Spencer
Artist (uncredited): Neko Cholis
Make-up Supervision: Ben Lane, S.M.A.
Make-up Artist (uncredited): Keeva Johnson
Hairstyles (uncredited): Sally Berkeley
Property Master (uncredited): Jack H. Williams
Sound Mixer (uncredited): Les Fresholtz
Special Effects (uncredited): Chuck Gaspar
Postproduction Supervision/Executive: Lawrence Werner, Seymour Friedman (uncredited)
Publicity (uncredited): Harry Flynn
Assistant Directors: Richard Landry, Jon C. Andersen, Marvin Miller, Leo M. Langlois, Mark Sandrich Jr., Jerome M. Siegel, R. Robert Rosenbaum, Russell Vreeland, Mel Swope
Music Editing/Coordination: Igo Kantor
Sound Effects: Fred J. Brown (uncredited), Edit-Rite, Inc.
Production Assistant (1967-1968): Marilyn Schlossberg
Gaffer/Head Gaffer: Pat Blymyer
Wardrobe (1967-1968): Gene Ashman
Assistant To Wardrobe (uncredited): Mike Balker
Monkeemobile Styled by Dean Jeffries
Production Executive/Producer (1967-1968): Ward Sylvester

Color by: Pathé
A Raybert Production In Association With: Screen Gems
Produced With: The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Television Network

The Monkees' 2-Season Episode Indices

THE FIRST SEASON - September 12, 1966 to September 4, 1967
32 Episodes (16 rerun - 16 not rerun)

THE SECOND SEASON - September 11, 1967 to September 9, 1968
26 Episodes (20 rerun - 6 not rerun)

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